Past Activities


Upcoming Conference: Celebrity and Protest in Africa and in the Anti-Apartheid Struggle, 29-31 Oct.

17 October, 2018
Hosted at the University of Copenhagen, 29-31 October, the event is a collaboration between the European Research Council Project APARTHEID-STOPS, “The Perception of Apartheid in Western Europe 1960-1990” Research Cluster, and the Centre of African Studies of the University of Copenhagen.


Special issue of Safundi-guest edited by Louise Bethlehem and colleages- now available on free access

17 August, 2018

Entitled "Cultural Solidarities: Apartheid and the anti-colonial commons of world literature," it is one of a series of interventions based on a conference Louise Bethlehem co-convened at WiSER (The Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research) with Sarah Nuttall and Stefan Helgesson in April last year.