Four New Articles Available on Free Open Access

16 November, 2018

Four recent articles published by Louise Bethlehem's European Research Council project, "APARTHEID-STOPS" reflect the versatile use of cultural studies-based methodologies on the part of Professor Bethlehem and three of her researchers: Dr. Ayala Levin, Yair Hashachar and Ron Levi.All articles are on free download, so feel free to read and distribute them.

Louise Bethlehem "'Miriam's Place': South African Jazz, Conviviality and Exile," Social Dynamics 43(2).

Ron Levi "Zaire '74: Politicising the Sound Event," Social Dynamics 43(2).

Ayala Levin, "South African 'Know-How' and Israeli 'Facts of Life': The Planning of Afridar, Ashkelon, 1949-1956," Planning Perspectives.

Yair Hashachar "Playing the Backbeat in Conakry: Miriam Makeba and the Cultural Politics of Sékou Touré’s Guinea, 1968–1986" Social Dynamics 43(2).