Norma Musih

PhD Researcher

Norma Musih is a PhD candidate in the department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University writing her dissertation under the supervision of Dr. John Louis Lucaites.

In her research, she traces a link between imagination and images in order to challenge the national imaginary through a close analysis of aerial, historical and activists photographs in Israel/Palestine. Her research is informed by her curatorial experience and activist engagement.

Norma holds a B.F.A from Bezalel Academy of Arts and an M.A (Magna Cum Laude) form the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her thesis: “Angels in the Skies of Manshiye: On Three Practices of Ruination: A Visual Genealogy,” was written under the supervision of Dr. Louise Bethlehem.

Norma published her work in English and Hebrew, and presented in national and international conferences. Her research have been generously funded by Indiana University and the Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication and Society, Villanova University.

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